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My Money Story: Mistakes & Missteps That Taught Me How to Thrive

My Financial Autobiography   I have had a fascination with money for as long as I can remember. At about age 6, I used to look forward to my parents throwing their spare change into a tall, wooden saving pan we had, and then I would empty all the coins on the floor each week and count them. I loved how the money kept growing week by week

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7 Simple Saving Tips You May Be Overlooking

If I earned a dollar for every time someone told me that they can’t afford to start saving, I would be wealthy! However, I don’t believe that not being to afford to save is the real problem. I think the real challenge most people face is finding the discipline they need to get started and keep going, or employing the patience needed to allow insubstantial amounts to become substantial over time.

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Retirement Planning: A Jamaican Guide

It is alarming how very few Jamaicans make the requisite preparations to secure their financial futures in retirement. In fact, less than 97,000 Jamaicans out of a 1.3 million people labour force (61,400 of whom are past retirement age) have retirement funds. I can hear you saying, “Huh?!”, so let me break it down – ONLY 7.6% of the nation’s labour force (3.6% of

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