Journal Entries


Dear New Me… A Letter From Your Old Self

Journal Entry #2: Dear New Me…   Dear New Me… You have a long, hard journey ahead of you. This journey is called “entrepreneurship” and it’s not going to be an easy road, so don’t expect it to be. There will be periods where it will get so difficult that you’ll want to retreat, but you mustn’t. You made a promise to yourself

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Decluttering to Regain Your Mental Peace

Journal Entry #1: Decluttering For Mental Peace   Epiphanies aren’t always grandiose, that’s what I learned over this past month. Sometimes it’s just that feeling gnawing at you, telling you that something isn’t quite right. Or even feelings of angst, unfulfillment, and imbalance. Well, I kept having these feelings and though I can’t really explain it in words, I knew exactly what

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