Jermaine Henry: Jamaica’s “Wiz” in Agricultural Innovation

Meet Jermaine Henry: A Globetrotter, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, and a Millennial CEO, Jermaine “Wizzy” Henry is staying true to his personal mantra, “Nuff tings fi gwaan!” by leaving his indelible mark on Jamaica’s tech agricultural scene. His entrepreneurial spark was ignited when he became a member of UTech’s Club Billionaire during his time as a student of the school and credits entrepreneurship

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Gordon Swaby: Millennial Entrepreneur on a Mission

Meet Gordon Swaby: A PSOJ 50UnderFifty awardee, and the man behind one of the Caribbean’s most innovative company, EduFocal, Gordon Swaby is a millennial entrepreneur on the fast track and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. His Twitter bio states, “Always an employer, never an employee”, and has always remained true to these words. At around age 15 or 16, when most of his peers were

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