Battling Depression as an Entrepreneur

“It’s not personal, it’s business” is a phrase we’ve all heard at one point or another and while it may be true, for the most part, business does sometime become personal; even more so when you’re the running it. For entrepreneurs, business successes are revered as personal successes and business failures are reviled as equally personal. However, the failures are oftentimes internalized and relived over and

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Decluttering to Regain Your Mental Peace

Journal Entry #1: Decluttering For Mental Peace   Epiphanies aren’t always grandiose, that’s what I learned over this past month. Sometimes it’s just that feeling gnawing at you, telling you that something isn’t quite right. Or even feelings of angst, unfulfillment, and imbalance. Well, I kept having these feelings and though I can’t really explain it in words, I knew exactly what

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7 Simple Saving Tips You May Be Overlooking

If I earned a dollar for every time someone told me that they can’t afford to start saving, I would be wealthy! However, I don’t believe that not being to afford to save is the real problem. I think the real challenge most people face is finding the discipline they need to get started and keep going, or employing the patience needed to allow insubstantial amounts to become substantial over time.

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Retirement Planning: A Jamaican Guide

It is alarming how very few Jamaicans make the requisite preparations to secure their financial futures in retirement. In fact, less than 97,000 Jamaicans out of a 1.3 million people labour force (61,400 of whom are past retirement age) have retirement funds. I can hear you saying, “Huh?!”, so let me break it down – ONLY 7.6% of the nation’s labour force (3.6% of

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