About Me


I have had lifelong obsessions with personal finance and entrepreneurship. Though I never quite knew what entrepreneurship entailed, I was always fascinated with the thought of owning my own businesses. This captivation led to me starting a myriad of hustles – one of my earliest being at age 12 when I gave pedicures on my veranda after school and on weekends (and I made some good money, too!). At age 16, while my parents pleaded with me to pursue law or medicine, I wrote a plan for my life detailing what I wanted to accomplish as an entrepreneur over the next 10 years.


After numerous failed attempts, I finally built my first successful business in 2014 – an online retail fashion boutique – from the ground up with US$6 as starting capital (read more about that here). This experience then afforded me the opportunity of working with other entrepreneurs to start their own businesses online. This further solidified my love for entrepreneurship and self-actualization, and also taught me that business ownership is a journey filled with very steep learning curves as well as immense satisfaction. After operating my retail business for close to 2 years, I decided to shift focus and pursue a venture in personal finance – something I had been wanting to do for a few years.

Personal Finance:

After having a fascination with money from as far back as age 7, I transitioned to being a social entrepreneur by successfully merging my zeal for both entrepreneurship and personal finance, as well as my love of teaching and speaking. Since childhood, because of my fascination with money, I developed a habit of financial discipline and taught myself how to save and budget. As I entered adulthood, I delved deeper into the world of personal finance and uncovered a passion for investing which led to me becoming a self-taught investor at age 21.


Using the knowledge I gained, I began to help my friends to better manage their finances and realized it was something that I enjoyed doing. From this, ThrivingDollars – a financial literacy resource for millennials – was born. Through this platform, I empower young adults to make smarter financial decisions and build wealth in order to create the life that they truly desire and gain the freedom to pursue more of what they love.  As a full-time entrepreneur, I am able to fulfill my life’s purpose of Building Community. Building Wealth. through teaching, speaking, financial empowerment, and philanthropy.