2015 Lessons: The 2 Most Important Things This Year Taught Me

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The ebbs and flow of 2015 proved to be a concoction of mayhem, bliss and everything in between, and as the year comes to a close, I am taking some time to reflect on my journey, growth, and lessons learned. In my experiences over the past few years, I have noticed a reoccurring trend where each year carries a distinctive theme coupled with specific lessons. So, with that said, I’ve chosen two of my most important lessons from 2015 to share.


  • Where your challenges LEAD you is more important than where they LEAVE you.

A year without trials of any kind is a myth. Nonetheless, and I too been guilty of this, we often resent our challenges for confronting us instead of drawing from them the power and lessons we should. In past years, I’ve often felt like my challenges left me in certain situations, which implied that said situation, whatever it was, was a final destination. (You may have done this too if you’ve made statements like, “After all I’ve done/gone through, this is all/where it left me.”) Of course, this diminished my power to bring change to my circumstances.


In 2015, I had a major mindset shift which helped me to realize instead that my adversities have all strategically led me to facing obstacles that, by overcoming them, helped me get to another level. Here’s the thing: When you hit rock bottom, the only way out is up. When your challenges leave you in rock bottom, this is final; there is no going up. On the flip side, when said challenges lead you to rock bottom, this signifies rock bottom being simply another point along the journey which can and should be passed. The circumstances are the same, but developing a simple change in perception made all the difference.


  • We receive only what we are PREPARED to handle.

In October 2013, I set the goal of becoming a Financial Educator in one year, but I never came close to realizing that goal until September 2015. Looking back, I now realize that I had to emotionally and mentally grow with my first business, particularly in dealing with rejection, criticism and developing my self-confidence, before I could attempt what I am now doing. Had I accomplished my goal in 2014 like I wanted to, I honestly would not have been prepared to handle all that I now know comes with the opportunity. Nothing happens before its time, right?


Goal-setting is embedded in our psyche. Oftentimes, we go a step further by breaking down those goals into smaller, actionable steps. And when we’re really going for that goal, we even go as far as attaching an “achieve by” date to it. And this is good, it really is. However, what we usually fail to take into account time and again is the full process behind achieving goals. Here’s the thing: Taking action towards a goal, even decidedly, is most times only one half of the equation. The other half is the psychological transformation we need to undergo, and we just simply cannot affix a date to our growth.


Seriously, how can anyone choose a date by when they’ll complete a mental or emotional evolution? Impossible. And, to be blunt, we need to respect the full process more than it needs to respect our “completion date.” When we are ready to receive anything is when we’ve set the goal, broken it down into the smaller sub-steps, and then undergo the mental and emotional growth we need in order to handle the next level of our success. Not a moment sooner. We simply cannot face things before we are fully prepared to handle them.



All things considered, I am incredibly grateful for all that this year brought, particularly the challenges and opportunities, though my wherewithal was tested in ways that were unimaginable to me prior. Thankfully, my resolve was also strengthened and with the inevitable highs and lows that 2015 brought, through all the hits and misses came considerable growth in all areas of my life.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope to see you in 2016. My wish for you and yours is a very Happy & Prosperous New Year! xoxo